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Leader: I back revolutionary and faithful youths

“I like revolutionary and faithful youths and support them,” the Leader said during a meeting with a group of highly talented youths from the Sharif University of Technology. The Leader also said he attaches great importance to “religious and revolutionary commitment” along with “scientific efforts”. “Scientific progress will not make a country and people happy by itself. Scientific movement will lay the grounds for regulating things in the country and make it a role model in the region, the Islamic world and the (entire) world if it is accompanied by spiritual and revolutionary sublime causes,” he stated. Elsewhere in his remarks, the Leader said the fragility of the Western civilization lies in “lack of spirituality and divine causes”. The Leader added “diligence and resistance on the path of religion and revolution” will help develop the country. “Great jobs such as the victory of the Islamic Revolution, eight years of sacred defense and also resistance against pressures against the Islamic system were because of the men who were firm and resilient and did not deviate from the path of religion and revolution,” the Leader of the Islamic Revolution remarked. The Leader also pointed to the importance of what he described as “Jihadist presence” in various arenas, saying, “Jihadist action means not getting tired of resisting difficulties and obstacles.” Elsewhere, he said that students’ movements should be in line with serving the revolutionary ideals.

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