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MP urges Zarif to retaliate against Turkmenistan over gas dispute

“The foreign minister should take immediate action against Turkmenistan in this regard,” said Ardeshir Nourian, representative of Shahrekord, in the parliament. The remarks came as Ashgabat claimed that Tehran has a $2 billion debt over gas import, delayed since the international sanctions were imposed on Iran in 2012. Turkmenistan threatened to stop the gas flow across the border if Iran does not settle the debt. According to Press TV, a recent drop in temperatures across Iran has prompted “Turkmen authorities to threaten a halt to the gas flow unless the Islamic Republic clears the alleged debt.” The bitter dispute between the two countries was leading to the cancellation of a major gas deal, however, Tehran and Ashgabat agreed to put the dispute aside and discuss the details of the new deal. Mehr news agency reported on Friday that Turkmenistan has signed a new gas deal with Iran under which Ashgabat will continue gas exports to the Islamic Republic. An Iranian official said that the details of the new gas agreement will be worked out by experts.

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