Iran planning to become medical sciences powerhouse
TEHRAN — Iran is planning to be turned into a powerhouse in the global medicine industry, deputy health minister Mohammad-Baqer Larijani said on Wednesday.
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Milan expo showcasing Iranian handicrafts
TEHRAN – A wide range of traditional Iranian handicrafts have been put on show at the 21st International Craft Selling Exhibition (L’Artigiano in Fiera), which opened its doors to the public on December 3 in Milan, Italy.
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Tehran exhibit puts spotlight on tribal Persian carpets
TEHRAN – An Exhibition of hand-woven Persian carpets, rugs, and kilims by Iranian tribes and nomads including Bakhtiari, Qashqai, and Shahsavan is currently underway at Tehran’s Qasr Garden Museum.
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Rich cuisine can open up broader tourism scene for Iran
TEHRAN – Iran, offering about 2,500 traditional and regional dishes, has one of the most opulent cuisines worldwide, which can contribute to boost the country’s tourism sector, a tourism official announced on Saturday.
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Subterranean waterways offer clues to ancient way of life in Iran
Throughout the arid regions of Iran, mainly central parts of the country, agricultural and permanent settlements have been supported by the ancient qanat system of tapping alluvial aquifers at the heads of valleys and conducting the water along underground tunnels by gravity, often over many kilometers.
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Iran amidst hot travel destinations for 2017: Cox & Kings
TEHRAN – Major India-headquartered tour operator Cox & Kings Ltd. has announced its forecast for next year, with Iran amongst the hot destinations in 2017.
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Secrets of long-eared owls in urban environments
Of the eight commoner species of typical owls in Iran, five are residents, one is a common summer visitor (European scops owl or Otus scops) and two are mainly or wholly winter visitors (long-eared owl and short-eared owl).
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UNDP, UN Environment hold sand and dust storm side event at COP22
TEHRAN — The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) jointly with the United Nations Environment held a side event on the sand and dust storms at Conference of the Parties (COP22) in Marrakech, November 7 to 18, 2016.
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Italy returns scores of smuggled artifacts to Iran
TEHRAN – A total of 30 historical artifacts smuggled into Italy in 2008, including early-Islamic era earthenware and jewelries, were returned home late on November 6.
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Centuries-old Arg-e Karim Khan still stands tall
The Arg-e Karim Khan is an immense brick fortress that has dominated the southern city of Shiraz since the 18th century.
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