What names Tehrani parents choose for their children?
In all societies, the names people give to their children are subjected to different sociological and even political justifications.
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Life in the mountains: Skiing in Iran
Maybe not the first that comes to mind, snow-capped mountains above Tehran are home to some of the world’s best ski resorts where powder hounds can enjoy famous Iranian hospitality.
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Iranian researchers to breed scorpion, milk venom for medical purposes
A group of Iranian researchers at the Islamic Azad University of Najafabad, central province of Isfahan, succeeded in coming up with plans to maintain scorpions in captivity for venom extraction purposes.
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DesignMENA names 5 Iranians as ME’s top architects
DesignMENA, Middle East’s premier website for architecture and interior design, has released a list of top 50 Middle East’s most influential architects, among which are five Iranians.
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Tabriz to host rally races for women in Muslim countries
Iranian city Tabriz has been chosen to host rally races for women in Muslim countries in 2018, CEO of Motorcycle & Automobile Federation of Iran said Sunday
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Iran holds 5th rank in producing hemodialysis machines
The CEO of Salam Group stated that Iranian scientists have developed the technology for designing and producing Hemodialysis machines and added that Iran is among the top five countries producing these machines.
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Nation mourns loss of 32 sailors Engulfed in the flames of sorrow
Profound grief and pain engulfed the Iranian nation over the loss of 32 sailors who died aboard an oil tanker which burst into flames and sunk, eight days after a collision with a cargo ship off the coast of China.
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Iranian researchers make eye drop to improve corneal stem cell growth
Researchers of Royan Research Institute made eye drop which can improve corneal stem cell growth.
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Tehran metro ranks 25 among world’s busiest subways
With an annual ridership of 459 million, Tehran metro has attained the rank of 25 among busiest subway systems in the world.
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Tabriz enriches charms with crafts exhibit
Tabriz cultural heritage department has organized a vast sales exhibition of Iranian handicrafts as part of its efforts to enrich charms of the northwestern city named 2018 Islamic Tourism Capital.
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