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World film reps attend Cinema Verite market

They discussed major issues, including how to attract world distributors and how to find ways into international festivals, with Iranian filmmakers during the meetings held on the sidelines of the festival at Charsu Cineplex from December 7 to 9, the organizers announced on the website. Among the participating foreign guests were Bosnian producer Alma Tataragic, and Radovan Sibrt, the Czech director and producer and co-founder of the production company, PINK, as well as Daniel Kim, the Busan International Film Festival’s General Manager of Asian Film Market. Radovan Sibrt talked about the first steps young filmmakers must take to attend international festivals and hold talks with foreign filmmakers and distributors. He also talked about filmmakers who would like to attend the festivals with their unfinished projects and said that the unfinished projects would either be attractive for investment by a producer, while it could also be an obstacle since many producers like to invest in projects that are in the beginning stages. However, he said that the best ways to promote their projects is to attend major—but not all—festivals to find producers. Daniel Kim also distributed copies of application forms to the Busan fest to interested applicants for the next edition of the festival and asked them to attend workshops held on the margins of the festival. He added that the workshops are usually held by professional filmmakers and help participants learn more about techniques of filmmaking while they also provide good chances to meet and hold talks with recognized producers. The 10th Cinema Verite is running from December 4 to 11.

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