Handicrafts worth $3m exported from Golestan in 2 years
Some $3 million worth of handicrafts was exported from Golestan province, northern Iran, over the course of two years ending on March 20.
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Hamed Soleimanzadeh on panel of Dytiatko festival in Ukraine
Iranian stage director and film critic Hamed Soleimanzadeh has been selected for a jury of the 10th Dytiatko International Children’s Television Festival.
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“Master actor” Ezzatollah Entezami dies at 94
Ezzatollah Entezami, the veteran actor of stage and screen who was named “master actor” in his memoirs written by Hushang Golmakani, died at Tehran’s Bahonar Hospital on Friday. He was 94.
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Gamescom 2018 to display “The Tale of Bistun”
“The Tale of Bistun” produced at Black Cube Games, an independent game studio based in Tehran, will be put on display at the Gamescom 2018, the world’s largest computer and video games event in Germany.
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Iran Cinema Celebration announces nominees
Actor Ali Nasirian, the president of the 20th edition of Iran Cinema Celebration has announced the nominees of this year’s edition.
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Iranologist Jahangir Dorri dies at 87
The Moscow-based expert on Iranian studies, Jahangir Dorri, died of natural causes at 87 last Wednesday.
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Iran’s “Limit” wins awards at New York festival
Iranian director Javad Darai’s acclaimed short film “Limit” won two awards at the Peekskill Film Festival, which took place in New York from July 26 to 29.
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Children’s festival to host 2nd Youth Film Making Olympiad of Iran
The second edition of the Youth Film Making Olympiad of Iran is scheduled to be organized during the 31st International Film Festival for Children and Youth in Isfahan, which will be running from August 30 to September 5.
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American translator Caroline Croskery sees Persian story amazing
American scholar Caroline Croskery who has translated books by contemporary Iranian writers into English has said that Persian story is amazing.
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Iranian movies win awards at L.A. Love Intl. Film Festival
Iranian movies have won several awards at the Love International Film Festival in Los Angeles.
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